Phoenix Carbon

The System

The TCOM system is cost-effective, compact, relatively inexpensive, and modularly expandable. Installations can range in size from compact systems processing 1 ton of material/hour to larger installations.

The TCOM utilizes waste steams produced by society as its feedstock to make value added products ultimately recycling and repurposing its waste. Some of the feedstocks that can be processed include Green Waste such as Agricultural, Forestry and Landscaping cuttings; Municipal Solid Waste; Solids from Wastewater treatment; Hydrocarbons such as various types of plastics (single use to packaging), tires, automobile shredded residue and medical waste.

Phoenix Carbon has developed the containerized TCOM system which consists of the following core components: TCOM Processor/s; TCOM Refinery; TCOM Control Center. Auxiliary components to the core system can include some of or all the following: Shredder, Briquette, Conveyors, Vacuum, Packaging and Equipment for loading and distribution for transport of finished products. The pre and post processing equipment is determined by the feedstock being processed in the system.


TCOM can convert existing costs into operational savings and revenue. Its process is carbon neutral, exceeds U.S. EPA minimum air quality requirements, and has been certified for operation at locations in EPA Regions 4 (American Southeast) and 9 (California, the Southwest, and Hawaii). A ton of organic material processed by TCOM instead of by composting prevents the release of:

  • 3.5 Tons of Carbon Dioxide
  • 1.33 Tons of Methane
  • 400 Pounds of Nitrous Oxide