Phoenix Carbon

Containerized Mobile System

Our first deployment of our Containerized Mobile System is at the island of Oahu in the north shore farming community of Waialua at Mohiko Farms

Concept picture

Aerial shots of site before work

We will set up on a 1 acre lot. with the front 3rd being for Tcom to process local farm and green waste. the back 2/3rds will be used as a living learning center in cooperation with PIFON(Pacific Island Farmers Organization Network) to demonstrate the benefits of Biochar in the soil to compliment natural farming techniques. The diesel made will be used to power our equipment and that of neighbors. This an off grid site where power only comes from individuals generators.

Site before preparation

In preparing the site we found a fair bit of rubbish that we will process in time

Using crushed coral rock and crushed coral sand we made our operations area

Containerized system been put together at our warehouse in Kapolei, Hawaii. About 45 minutes from the site in Waialua

The first container we worked on is our micro refinery

Tcom processor to be deployed at Waialua

Replacement of hydraulic lines with heating plate. This will only be turned on an hour before operations begin, after which the heat from the feedstocks being processed will continue to keep the plate hot throughout operations

Next we go to work on making canisters that will hold the feedstock that we cook

Our third container serves to store operations equipment , such as compressor, generators, and boiler as well as small office for off hours security. Our second high cube will serve as the control room for operations