Kinsey McFadden is a retired Medical Service Army Lieutenant Colonel with 37 years of combined service in the United States Army and Air Force; more than 20 of those years as an executive level management. He is also founder and CEO of Global Health Consultant Services, a company that specializes in supporting disabled Veterans in preparing and processing claims for their disabilities. He is married to Marsha McFadden of Honolulu Hawaii and they have one daughter: Keaton who lives and work in Portland Oregon.
He is an exceptional leader, planner, manager and highly skilled in disaster management and emergency operations and procedures. He has served in numerous international positions throughout Africa and the Pacific. Almost all of his important work required that he be able to work independently of fellow associates. He served as consultant for the West Africa Disaster Preparedness Initiative assisting West Africa to develop a National Disaster Preparedness Program. His work required many hours of travel and that he be well attuned to different cultures, customs and courtesies of the many countries he visited.

After his work in Africa he worked with the Pacific Island Health Officers Association as the Zika Response and Emergency Regional Administrative Preparedness Specialist, and later as Program Manager. Currently he serves as Senior Consultant and Exercise Planners in United States Army Pacific (USARPAC) G37 Exercises. [Primarily focused on regional exercises throughout the Pacific. Most recent exercise and plans were between the U.S. and Australia, Malaysia, Pacific Island Nations of Palau, the Federated States of Micronesia and the Republic of the Marshall Islands. Responsibilities includes working closely with members of the G37 Exercises team, United States Pacific Islands Government Officials, United States Embassies and other USARPAC staff members to ensure exercise administrative, coordination and execution requirements are met in order to meet INDOPACOM visions and missions.
Always the prefect diplomat he makes friends and receive laudatory comments wherever he goes.